5 cannabis benefits for women’s health

  1. Relieves cramping and menstrual discomforts

If you suffer from severe pain every time your period comes, THC, the main component of marijuana, can help you soothe pain and relax your muscles. Likewise, it can be effective to fight the swelling, nausea and headaches that affect some women with the premenstrual syndrome.

Recent studies have concluded that cannabis has the power to act favorably on the uterine muscle. It can also help to improve birth labor pains.

  1. Improves sexual life

Some women have reported longer and more intense orgasms after having smoked marijuana. “(When consuming marijuana) the brain activates the cannabinoid receptor 1, which helps improve euphoria and tactile sensations,” Dr. Sitch Albany, MD, Mitch Earleywine, tells Elite Daily. “Sometimes, when couples smoke marijuana, they take more time to have a greater sensual experience, which causes a greater flow of blood to the genitals and less muscle tension, which could contribute to achieving better orgasms”.

  1. Controls the symptoms of menopause

Hormone replacement therapy is a mechanism that many women go to counterattack their symptoms after menopause, such as excessive heat, temperament, etc. There are those who have a contraindication to this type of therapy because of the risk of cancer. Marijuana can help decrease drastic increases in temperature and mood swings.

A recent study concluded that marijuana can also significantly help cure injuries and strengthen bones, another key aspect of the menopause.

  1. Calms anxiety and stress

While men also suffer from anxiety, the incidence in women is higher (31% vs. 19% according to a JWT Sonar survey). It is estimated that about 20 percent of the world population is a victim of anxiety.

Marijuana can help with this problem, according to a 2014 study. In fact, one of the main causes why women use cannabis in the United States is “reduce stress, tension and anxiety,” according to a report from Trends in Pharmalogical Sciences.

  1. It’s good for your skin

The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of THC can help you improve the appearance of your skin. Other studies have concluded that marijuana can help you fight acne, and dry skin. Other studies talk about the benefits of cannabis to treat skin disorders such as psoriasis or eczema.

However, this applies only if the component penetrates the skin in a way that it is not smoked, since the smoke can damage the cells of the face.


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