1. Marijuana helps couples open emotionally:

One of the most recurring problems of life as a couple is the difficulty of some to externalize their emotions and thoughts with respect to their own subjectivity and the state of their relationship. According to Dr. Julie Holland, a psychiatrist and author of several books “relationships”. The use of marijuana can help overcome this barrier and lead the members of the couple to recognize their true feelings.

  1. Marijuana can help relieve agony:

In our brain, there is a chemical known as “anandamide” a neurotransmitter named in honor of the Sanskrit word “Ananda” (inner beatitude or bearer of peace and inner happiness) for the effect it causes on our mind. This, however, can be interrupted when it comes face to face with the fatty acid amide hydrolase, an enzyme related to emotions of anxiety and agony.

  1. Improves sexual life:

According to a various number of testimonies, marijuana can benefit a couple’s sexual relationships. Due to that it facilitates relaxation, both physically and emotionally. This can help reach a high level of climax.

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