Canadians continue to Buy Cannabis Illegally, is that good?

National cannabis survey reveals that almost half of Canadian marijuana consumers buys marijuana Illegally. There are 42% of the people admitted to going to their illegal source to get cannabis.
Because of the amount of legal shops slowly rising, the illegal drug dealers have not been eliminated. The federal government is trying to make the registration process difficult on the legal shops. The government tried to ease what is called the “licensing bottleneck” by reassessing these procedures. The legal shops that constantly fail to meet consumer demand would say it is an “unfair lottery system”.
According to the statistics Canada, in the last quarter of 2018. 79% of the transactions were done illegally.
Cannabis Infused food and drinks are not legal yet. Because of that, the black market continues to thrive. Edibles itself accounts for 43% of the total market in Colorado, California, and Oregon, for an example.
Illegal marijuana is a lot cheaper to buy. As of July the price difference between the legal and illegal weed $5 average. Statistic Canada reports that 42% of users rather spend less for Cannabis than paying more for high quality marijuana. 76% of users prefer quality over quantity

One thing that has not changed since weed became legal, and that is the amount of Canadians who smoke weed. There have been 16% of Canadians 15 years old and older reported using marijuana in the previous three months.

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