Cannabis and Tourism in Canada

Vancouver has become the first Canadian city to approve medical marijuana dispensaries, although they are technically illegal in Canada.

Seeing people smoking cannabis through the streets, parks, beaches and even in the stands of hockey matches is common in the city and is considered the capital of the relegalization movement of marijuana. Its recreational use is still prohibited, but not its medical use.

One of the many establishments where smoking is allowed, is for example the famous New Amsterdam Café, and many other areas. Also, Canada is one of the first options in tourism when it comes to travelling in the look for a cannabis experience. As well as for medical necessities, you can find it all over Canada in our site learn why we are the best.  #Alberta #Edmonton #BritishColumbia #Victoria #Manitoba #Winnipeg #NewBrunswick #Fredericton #Newfoundland #Labrador #StJohn’s #NovaScotia #Halifax

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