Cannabis care

Watering outdoor marijuana plants is the most important part of marijuana cultivation, it will depend on health, nutrition and weaknesses that each of the individuals have during their cycle. In this article we indicate the recommended practices as well as the most common mistakes about how to water outdoor marijuana plants.

When the Cannabis plant is placed in soil, it has a lot of space for root growing, let’s say almost unlimited, this is because the plant itself can look for a bit of life. If the substrate is too humid and the plant chokes because it does not have oxygen, it may try to expand its roots to areas of the soil that are not so wet. It also works in the contrary, they can grow towards more humid areas if they don’t have sufficient water resources where they are planted. That’s why its important to verify that you plant your seeds in a very good location.

We must also consider other factors, like the weather for example, both temperature and humidity, also contribute to the cycle. The higher the heat, the greater the evaporation, resulting in a faster depletion of moisture. With lower humidity, the risks will also last less.

Proportionally at a lower temperature the drying state of the soil is usually lower and at higher humidity, the less likely the soil will dry, or it can even get wet, this results in a null or slower drying of the substrate.

The wind is an important indicator that can help us see if the humidity is going to rise or fall. And remember that you always must treat each plant in a personalized way.

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