Cannabis is legal in Canada – Here’s what you need to know

Rules vary about legal weed in different provinces.

The vision of what Canada like permitting marijuana is still uncertain even though marijuana is legal.

There is quite a bit of things that we are unaware of, Including the consequences of having illegal dispensaries that popped up across the country in the last few years.

How will consumers buy Cannabis?

Depending on where you live, it differs how you buy marijuana.

Online sales are availed throughout all provinces, whether if it’s through private retailers or off the websites. A management company over four provinces is for certain that their system can handle the amount of people placing orders.

There are age limits to buying and growing pot in different provinces.the age difference vary, but most provinces has the same age as for buying alcohol.

Can I Grow Cannabis at home?

For recreational use in most provinces, people can legally have up to four plants per house. This limit was passed in June by the Cannabis act. Manitoba & Quebec are two provinces that ban growing cannabis at home. Some lawyers say that over time, it could result in a challenge to the constitute.

How Much will it cost taxpayers?

The price Canadians will pay for a gram depends on how well cannabis sells in Canada. Canadiens can get money back for quitting buying from their current dealer if marijuana costs more than on the black market.

There were a study at McMaster University shows the price Canadians would pay legally as opposed to the black market will be $10 to $12 a gram.

In New Brunswick, the price can vary from $8- $16 a gram, but it could change. The prices will start at $8 a gram in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Could There Be A Marijuana shortage?

As of today there are more than 120 licensed marijuana producers in the country, many of them being in Ottawa & B.C.

One of canada’s biggest producers mentioned that with the shortages of labor and supply issues may cause some dispensaries to sell out of cannabis once it become legal. There have been quite a few dispensaries that have expanded before marijuana became legal.

Sarah Stockdale of pot ecommerce commented saying “I am concerned about the supply side. The tech that the government has it set up to handle the load on the servers, but are the Canadians going to have to wait on extremely long time to receive their shipments when they are used to Amazon? If they have to wait one or two-week they Will turn the black market.”

How does legalization work at the border?

Marijuana is still legal under the U.S. federal law. Canadian travellers are warned that ” previous use of any substance including Cannabis, could result in being denied into the U.S.

A us official noted saying “if you have been the subject of a violation of the U.S. laws, that willl still make you inadmissible in our own country.

Doc’s no Tasker reported changed being made. An official told CBC news that Canada Border Agents has the task of asking every person about cannabis possession.

What Can I Take on A Plane?

If you are traveling within the country of Canada, you can carry up to 30 grams of weed, but cannot travel international borders with cannabis.

How Could This Affect My Job?

Before marijuana became legal, many companies updated their policies, especially jobs where employees with high risk positions.  Rules for cops vary in different parts of the country. Calgory’s PD prohibits consuming cannabis outright. Vancouver’s officers are required to “self- evaluate” themselves to insure they are fit for their job.

What Are The Rules Around Driving?

Since June when the Las was passed, if a police officer suspects a driver to be under the influence of drugs, they can perform a saliva test.

-Drivers can be fined up to $1000 for having between 2 to five mammograms in their bloodstream.

-Drivers who have consumed more five mammograms, or have been drinking and consuming cannabis oil face a harsher penalty.

In some cases more serious, the driver can face up to 10 years in prison.

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