Cannabis Might Reverse Heart Failure, University of Hawaii Study Finds

Cannabis could potentially slow and even reverse heart failure via TRPV1, a cannabinoid receptor. This is according to a research led by a team at the University of Hawaii John A. Burns School of Medicine (JABSOM). Alexander Stokes, JABSOM assistant professor in cell and modular biology, said “the potential medical benefits of busing cannabis-based therapies for treatment of heart disease are promising.”
TRPV1 is showing long-term effective reversal of heart failure when the substance is administered orally. The key here is orally. This doesn’t mean that you can smoke cannabis and it will be good for your heart. In fact, it may very well have a negative effect if you do that. “TRPV1 has primarily been studied as a pain receptor,” said Stokes. “The receptors are abundant in the heart, and we are excited to show that we are inhibits it’s function with oral doses of drugs, we can reverse some effects of heart failure.”

A Big Topic Right Now

The topic of medical marijuana is a big one right now, especially in Canada where it was recently legalized. For years, there’s been a negative stigma attached to the substance,?and when one dives deep into the subject, it’s quite easy to see why. Cannabis, often called marijuana, has potential to treat and possibly even cure a wide range of diseases. But because of prohibition, the studies examining the medical aspects of the herb have been very limited.
If we look at cancer, for example multiple studies have clearly shown its potential to completely destroy cancer cells mainly in vitro studies have clearly demonstrated its potential, without question. They’re not hard to find and have been published in abundance. tHC is simply one constituent of cannabis. It have been shown to be effective for multiple diseases as well, while other diseases are better treated with CBD, another constituent within cannabis.!

The Challenge With Government Controlled Cannabis

It is great to see people with Parkinson’s, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Epilepsy, cancer and more have tremendous success with medical marijuana. What’s unfortunate is that mainstream medical marijuana will be in the hands of big pharma, it already is. We will not know how it is grown , how it’s been manipulated, and what’s been changed. It’s simply being used for profit.

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