Cannabis, Sadie & Seizures.

At eight months of age and with an uncommon genetic disorder, Sadie Higuera suffered almost 300 epileptic seizures per day. The doctors told her parents even the minutes left before she died and even offered her parents to end her life.

After having exhausted all the resources of conventional medicine and in their desperation to keep her alive, Damaris and Brian Higuera, parents of the minor, opted to medicate cannabis to the little one.

Today, as the Higuera family celebrates Sadie’s third birthday as well as her entry into kindergarten, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) announced in August that marijuana will continue to be a “class 1 drug” meaning that it does not have “No medical use or purpose”, which characterizes it even more dangerous than cocaine.

However, for Sadie’s parents this herb is a medical miracle whose proof is in their daughter’s smile.

“Nobody, nor those who make the laws, nor the doctors can judge us for giving this medicine to my daughter, since they sent us to kill her when they did not see a solution to her illness,” says Brian, father of the minor.

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