Denise of Medical Cannabis Markets might be much about nothing

Media reports abound that suggest medical marijuana have leveled out or are dropping off in some U.S. states, specifically those that allow recreational cannabis sales.
It’s not out of the question to think marijuana industry executives are exiting the medical cannabis sector and turning their attention to recreational MJ products, but that’s not the case.
Plenty of Cannabis businesses are actually increasing their investments in medical marijuana because they anticipate a progression of markets and science-driven expansion in formulations, products and delivery methods.
Nicholas Vita, CEO of New York-based multistage operator Columbia Care told Marijuana Business Magazine “It’ll look different then we think about it today.”
Vita believes people will no longer view marijuana sectors as medical or recreational, which he said, is a binary perspective imposed on cannabis patients and other consumers by regulators.
Instead, he said, people will have a third category to consider: wellness, which will have two clearly defined markets:
Government-approved medicines for treating disorders such as epilepsy, post traumatic stress disorder or cancer treatment-related nausea, and wellness products designed as sleep AIDS, to ease muscle soreness or decrease stress, among other things.
During Marijuana Business Magazine’s deep dive into this topic, industry executives weigh in on:
– Differences between wellness and medical
– Elements shaping medical marijuana
– Cannabis as a medicine
– Cannabis as a wellness product
– Developing new products, alliances

The Marijuana Business Magazine report also takes a look at:
– signs that U.S. governmental agencies are changing their viewpoints on cannabis
– the role physicians will play in determining the future of medical marijuana in the United States
– Competition between man-made and natural cannabinoids
– The impact of C-suite executives transferring into the MMJ industry from pharmaceutical, medical and other health-related sectors.

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