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The prime minister has committed to legalize the recreational use of marijuana at a federal level. This will make the law consistent with the positive attitude of Canadians towards marijuana, and it may attract even more tourism. There is already a lot to see in Canada, apart from its deep-rooted cannabis culture. Now that soon in all the provinces of this beautiful country, regulated marijuana stores can be controlled and have its quality checked. Also, the views will be more attractive for any visitor or tourist so that they can buy Maryjane for recreational use.

The corroboration of recreational use for the marijuana is scheduled for Canada, on July 1, 2018. This will be effective all throughout the country, but it will be a special welcome event for the people of British Columbia. The oceanic climate of the west coast of Canada has helped them to become one of the main centers of cannabis cultivation. Even before the legalization, the city of Vancouver tolerated the presence of a few coffeeshops in which marijuana could be smoked. With its long cannabis tradition and views of the spectacular Canadian Rockies, we recommend that you include Vancouver on your trip through Canada.

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