Homemade Cannabis cream

A simple technique for making cannabis cream is very similar to that of making marijuana butter, except that you will either use coconut oil or petroleum jelly instead of butter. You will then proceed to make a casserole in a water bath or clay pot, so that the mixture is heated gently, and it does not burn, as an important advice for a start of point. You can use two large casseroles, one a little smaller than the other, to obtain equally good results.

The chosen oil/jelly is placed in the pot and then just left to melt. Then, dry and powder the plant in a matter that its added in an equal proportion (for example, 2 cups of oil and 2 cups of cannabis powder), and the whole mixture is simmered gently, for up to one hour. After this, the mixture can be filtered through gauze or muslin, and then left of to cool.

The resulting cream should have a texture and appearance like the original creams, with the intensity of the green color that varies according to the cooking time. This basic mix can be adjusted in different ways to achieve the optimal results, some like to mix with beeswax or vitamin E oil to produce a range of different textures, also aroma or medical oils can also be added for further enjoyment.

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