Is Aurora Cannabis Ready for Cannabis 3.0?

Aurora Cannabis and preparation for cannabis 2.0

In October, Aurora Cannabis provided an update on its next-generation cannabis products. On its fiscal 2020 first-quarter earnings call, it detailed its expansion and growth strategies for cannabis 2.0. in October, ACB also provides an update on the process of omits legal operations. The company did not report smarting first-quarter results, but its hopeful about the rest of fiscal 2020. Analysis don’t expect the company to become profitable by late 2020. CNopy Growth has also laid out its growth strategies for 2020 and cannabis 2.0.

Can we expect cannabis 3.0 soon?

Cannabis 3.0 have been ongoing. Canopy Growth ex-CEO Bruce Liston feels Canada could see cannabis 3.0 and 4.0 in a weekly podcast with the financial post. Lint once mentioned that Canada should now target cannabis 3.0 to become a global leader in the cannabis market. He said, “Cannabis 3.0 is when you start reading data and saying this in this dose is delivered this way may assist anxiety and may assist sleeping. Then you go further into that, and you start getting into the target outcome, which is really selling on a competitive base against over-the-counter and some light pharmaceuticals and over time, curative products.”

Aurora Cannabis’ Strategy for Growth

Aurora Cannabis has positioned itself well in the industry. The company has made numerous investments in setting up high-class facilities to develop the best quality products.
A stock investor article also stated, “There is room for endless innovation and added value in the cannabis marketplace.” If cannabis 2.0 kick in and cannabis companies recover from their losses, it would be an excellent opportunity for them to focus research and innovation for cannabis 3.0.

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