Let´s be a Cannabis Chef

If you have been interested in the title of this post, it’s clear you like marijuana. And that you may be looking for a different way of use, instead of smoking it, either by necessity, by desire or, simply out of curiosity. You may want to share it with your non-smoking friends. Whatever the reason, cannabis cooking is, in fact, an interesting and simple option. As professional cannabis chefs from #Calgary, #YYC #Charlottetown, #PEI, #YYG #dawsoncreek, #YDQ #Edmonton, #YEG #Edson #Estevan #FlinFlon #Halifax, #HFX, #YHZ #Hamilton, #HamOnt #Kamloops, #YKA #Kelowna, #YLW #Kitchener, #KWawesome and all over Canada cook.

But, leaving aside the love you have for marijuana, and putting together your love for cooking, we can assure you very happy moments. The combination of both hobbies usually produces extraordinary results, multiplying by two the pleasure produced by a delightful meal and a legendary buzz.

  1. To start out with: remember that for the properties of the cannabis to be released it is necessary to heat it and mix it with some oil, butter, or other dairy products. The easiest thing to prepare is cannabis oil or butter.
  2. Weights and Measurements: now that you know the specific behavior of Maryjane in the kitchen, the rest becomes pure culinary knowledge. Like any self-respecting chef, you should measure the proportions of the ingredients that you place into your recipes. Remember that for these experiments you will involve guests AKA “guinea pigs”. You will now adapt the quantities to the organism of your most frequent guests. A scale is a “must have” kitchen instrument. And remember that not all marijuana is the same or has the same potency, so any advice on quantities is necessarily needed. Over time, you will learn to calculate them.
  3. Temperature: although the properties of the cannabis need to be heated to be released, if you overpass the temperature of it, it can lose certain cannabinoids, so it is best to cook for longer periods of time at temperatures not higher than 170º C.
  4. Taste: test and improve your cannabis recipes. If you are going to celebrate a meal, you must make sure that what you serve not only good, but delicious. And trust me, the experience will be much more positive. Maryjane works in a way like basil or sage in the kitchen. It combines well with other herbs and, if you use it in the form of butter, it does not overwhelm or predominate over the other flavors.

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