Maryjane VS Diseases

Some years ago, it was discovered that some components of the “Maryjane” can delay the advance of cancer cells and, in some British hospitals, this type of “drug” is used to treat patients with leukemia.

Talking about consumptions of any product, excesses are never good, and all substances consumed in excess carry a risk to health. Drugs are at the top of the contraindications. That is why you must know well all the components that are talked about in every product. Talking about Cannabis, in small doses, a person who uses it from time to time is less likely to have a depression. In addition, another benefit of marijuana is that it significantly reduces the symptoms of anxiety.

And you know what, there’s still more! Another fact or pro that the cannabis plant contains is that it prevents blindness generated by glaucoma. Other less harmful components do it, but the fact is simple. It reduces pressure inside the eye. Other studies have confirmed that the metabolic slowdown reduces the progress of HIV in the body thanks to the Cannabis.

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