Medical Marijuana for Arthropathy Gout

Medical marijuana for arthropathy gout

What is arthropathy gout?

Arthropathy gout is a type of inflammatory arthritis historically referred to as the ” disease of kings.” Others call it the “rich mans disease” because it was a condition that only the wealthy with access to rich food and flowing woman can afford.
Arthropathy gout sometimes referred to as gouty arthropathy or gout arthritis. It is a medical condition occurring when uric acid crystals deposits form in a joint space. It’s not only painful but may also:
– cause deformity
– create movement impairment
– making walking difficult
Gout Most often arrives with warning and causes intense pain in a variety of joints. Commonly It impacts your big toe, but it can trigger pain in other joints as well including:
– knees
– Ankles
– Elbows
– Thumbs
– Fingers
With prompt treatment, gout pain is manageable and will go away in can recur at any time. If left untreated arthropathy gout symptoms will worsen over time.

Symptoms of Gout

The Symptoms of arthropathy Gout are consistent with all patients with the condition. They may include all or any of the following:

-sudden severe joint pain often occurring late at night or early in the morning
– joint tenderness, appearing red or purplish or being warm to the touch
– limited range of motion
– joint swelling
-Hard nosules inn the affected area
According to the Arthritis Foundation, gout commonly associates with other health risks including:
– high blood pressure
– Diabetes
– Chronic kidney disease
– cardiovascular disease

Causes of Arthropathy Gout

A buildup of uric acid in your blood cells causes gout. Uric acid is created by your body or found inn the foods you ear.
The kidneys filter normal levels of uric acid from your body and spell the leftovers from the urine. When your body fails to spell a sufficient amount of uric acid, crystals form, causing painful inflammation, swelling and redness.
One of the most common causes of gout is consuming excessive amount of alcohol. Other potential causes include:
– Obesity
– Weight gain
– Genetics
– medications that increase uric acid levels
– Certain cancers
– Low thyroid level
– Chemotherapy
– Joint injuries

History Arthropathy Gout

Gout’s history can be traced to Egypt in 2640BCE. Byzantine Christian Physician Alexander of Trallea first used colchicine during the sixth century AD to treat arthropathy gout. During the 19th century, treatment shifted to uricosuric agents or medications designed to increased the body’s natural excretion of uric acid.

Why Marijuana can be an effective treatment for Arthropathy Gout

Cannabidiol (CBD) is candidate for being a good alternative treatment for gout. It has already been shown as a patient anti-inflammatory and quality pain reliever.
CﹰBﹰD-rich strains are hwlpful in treating gout-related inflammation and pain. CBD reduces your body’s lymphocytes, white blood cells that contributed to inflammation. A 2018 study on mice with rheumatoid arthritis (RB) showed when they we’re given CBD, the cannabinoid reduced their inflammation best 50 percent.
In another study that evaluated how cannabis effected arthritia joints and pain in humans, researchers found cannabinoids effectively controlled pain signals sent to the brain from effected joints.
In A Royal National Hospital for Rhumatic Diseases study, RE patients who were given marijuana-based medication had substantial improvements in:
– Pain at rest
– Quality at sleep
– Movement

What Side Effects or Symptoms of Arthropathy Gout Can Medical Marijuana Treat?

Gout is an extremely and frequently debilitating disease. The symptoms can come and go as quickly as a few days or stay as long as a few mimics in just about every way rheumatoid arthritis and often will be diagnosed as such.
Gout’s two primary symptoms are inflammation and pain. CBD’s anti-inflammatory role is well-documented and impressive medical cannabis produces enough pain relief to bend the need for other prescription medications for gout. The psychoactive effects of high THC cannabis a can make one giddy and happy, despite what level of pain they are feeling.

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