New marijuana products which could disrupt the industry in 2019

In 2018, the marijuana industry has enjoyed investor enthusiasm greatly. Since Canada legalized cannabis, more U.S. states are adapting the same laws of legal recreational use.
Due to the facts that marijuana stocks showing a failure to perform a how people expected to be, 20q9 has shown a growth in the industry.
Expanding beyond smoking pot
If cannabis stocks continue to grow, many companies would have to grow in knowledge to be able to thrive along with the stock exchange. All of their paperwork has to be in order and their acquisitions must be kept up.
Cannabis products is one way companies can really be able to see a huge profit in 2019. Even though there has been a bunch of new cannabis infused products on the market, there may be a few that would drive prices up. Here are a few marijuana infused products that might change the way people take in cannabis.
When Canada legalized weed, they didn’t think to include edibles. They didn’t think edibles were cannabis alternatives. From the day cannabis became legal on Oct 17, 2018, they gave themselves a year to sort out their regulations so that they can be able to sell edibles. During that time, they had the chance to be ahead of the game and start making edibles. There were some companies who offered free edibles that weren’t supposed to sell yet.
“There are 58 percent of consumers who plan on using edibles”, according to a survey by Deloitte. Edibles edibles alone can be a billion dollar industry from here on end when it becomes legal on Oct 17, 2019.
Cannabis beverages
In 2018, st, the beverage company behind corona and model, beer had colaboratedwith canopy growth company (CGC), the suggested producer in Canada. Two other companies have also colaboratedin the recent months. There are two other companies who have paired up as well, Molsen Coors & the the Canadian producer Hexo. Because of the partnerships, it is uncertain products from Canada will change. The THC drink company plan to market stratigizing to include other types of edibles that can include other beverages such as THC or cabs infused juices, water and sellers or coffee. Some cbc products are being produced as “health” drinks to help with inflammation without feeling high.
Cannabidoil (CBD) products
Even though cannabis include numerous chemical components, CBS became pretty popular to use in infusing on drinks, gaping products and much more. CBS has been known for its health benefits in which can help cure everything from pain to insomnia. Skin care products and beauty products are pretty popular as far as being infused with CBD oil.
CB$ oil has also been very helpful in the medical cannabis industry. CBS oil was the first yo be approved by the FDA.there are companies who are rushing to test and develop these CBS treatments, but at the same time the process will take a lot longer than the CBS based products that are developed.

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