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AAA Assorted Variety Pack

$5.00$1,200.00 inc. GST tax

Sample Strains(subject to availability): Sour Diesel, King Kush AAA, Mataro Blue, OG Kush, Tuna Kush, Orange Crush, Blue Dream, Twisted Sister & various other strains

  • $1,200 – 1lb
  • $600 – 8oz
  • $300 – 4oz
  • $89 – 1oz
  • $49 – 14gr
  • $30 – 7gr
  • $17 –  3.5gr
  • $5 –    1gr

Our connoisseurs sample pack allows you to put yourself in the hands of our experienced bud tenders, and sample the best of what we have to offer: including special strains not available elsewhere on our site. In the notes section on the payments page you can REQUEST certain strains. In the event your strain is not available, we will substitute for a similar AAAA strain. This variety pack contains two or more strains depending on your order.



Our connoisseurs sample pack allows you to put yourself in the hands of our experienced bud tenders, and sample the best of what we have to offer: including special strains not available elsewhere on our site. In the notes section on the payments page you can REQUEST certain strains. In the event your strain is not available, we will substitute for a similar AAA strain. This variety pack contains two or more strains depending on your order.

Available flavors this week:

Our connoisseurs sample pack allows you to put yourself in the hands of our experienced bud tenders, and sample the best of what we have to offer: including special strains not available elsewhere on our site. In the notes section on the payments page you can REQUEST certain strains. In the event your strain is not available, we will substitute for a similar AAA strain. This variety pack contains two or more strains depending on your order.

Available flavors this week:

For those who want the best in quality AAAA BC bud without the AAAA price tag, we are now offering our brand new AAAA Popcorn Punch Pack!

All the punch of our best AAAA buds, but in smaller size nugs.

Sold in 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, 8oz, and 1lb packs.  Each pack contains equal portions of two of our best AAAA strains!

What is inside*:

  • Blue Dream
  • Citrus Skunk
  • Sour Diesel
  • Lemon Drops
  • White Widow
  • Master Kush
  • White Death
  • King Kush
  • Purple Kush
  • Pink Kush
  • Twisted Sister

* No requests are available. We may substitute based on stock and availability.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

14gr, 1gr, 1lb, 1oz, 3.5gr, 4oz, 7gr, 8oz

67 reviews for AAA Assorted Variety Pack

  1. PK

    Just got my zip for $89. Way better than I expected. Highly Recommend A++++

  2. AW

    For the price I was not sure what to expect. I am disabled so I do not have a lot of money. I was surprised how good the quality was and how fast it was delivered. Thanks Sabrina!

  3. RM

    Cant beat the price of this and the quality was awesome!

  4. Eva

    We are freaking out. Our package just came OMG OMG. This is so exciting I am going to die. It is beautiful. Thank you sooooo much for this We love you Sabrina.

  5. Tony

    WOW Can’t say enough good things about this bud. It’s exactly like the big bud just smaller buds. Excellent value.

  6. Susan

    Good stuff, good price, good service. I would recomend this business.

  7. Susan

    Wow I did not think it was gonna be this good. Super impressed guys!

  8. Fred Hill

    This flower is super and the price is unbeatable.

    Your loyal customer.

  9. Samantha

    My package came. I thought it would not get here till Monday. I am so happy and excited. Thank you very much for the gifts. I love everything. Love love love it!

  10. Richard Finch

    Can it get any better than 89$ ounces? Wow the quality was amazing. Can’t wait to see what other deals you guys will amaze me with!!

  11. Blair

    I grow my own weed and I don’t like being charged an arm and a leg for weed. So I gave this place a try on someone advice. So me and my girl bought a qp 337 that with shipping. WOW I’m AT lost for words this Hindu is the bomb. I got like two gram buds in my bag they couple gram buds and smaller. But for the price and quilty it 10 out 10 taste nice firm buds nicely trimmed. I won’t buy weed any where else if need it from now on


  12. powerwashmann (verified owner)

    Thanks so much you guys have definitly won my business your service your quality and delivery time as well as price are above par thank you so much for the enjoyable experience

  13. jesseclarry66

    It was awsome good qulity price is good

  14. philmtl1989 (verified owner)

    Overall at the price it’s ok, but disappointed that I only got 2 strains in a variety Pack.

    Leafy buds got the purple candy and orange crush. As budget buds go I would recomend it, just would of ordered the 79 an oz knowing I was paying 89 for the same thing.

  15. thugjma

    Merci beaucoup Sabrina pour tout.
    J’ai jamais vu des deal fucktop dememe.
    Vos biscuits sont bon en criss miammm .
    Sérieux j’ai ma carte médicale et c’est chez Sab que je commande. Je recommande à tous. Essayer aumoin le gramme gratuit.. vous allez comprendre ce que je veux dire 😉 j’ai hâte d’avoir mes petit packets 🙂 🙂 🙂 J’ai aussi vrmt hâte d’essayer la Cherry oil. Si je pourrais je donnerais 6/5 car ils se démarque des autres et solidement apart de ça! Vous avez la bonne méthode de fonctionnement , sa sens la victoire pour Sabrina. Ne lâchez pas et jva parler de vous le plus possible!

    Merci merci merci

  16. Jean-Marc (verified owner)

    I just opening bag and ouffffff
    Its the best marijuana and the price are the best Price i see off all my life
    Wow very nice look White rhino and animal cookies 🙂
    And the “other Strain” was not on the website.. Oh my God 😁 i dont know if i can Say what its but… Fucked Up
    J’ai vraiment rester surprit de voir tous ces beau bourgeons de qualité exceptionnelle!

  17. tom (verified owner)

    didn’t get much of the selection I chose. Wasn’t fond of the orange crush, 2 stars, had a lot of already trimmed loose leaves in the 4oz. purple candy was a bit better I give it 4 stars.

  18. bradjeffery (verified owner)

    I ordered a single oz. Shipping was relatively fast. Quality is good for the price. Not a big fan of the fruit loops strain but the white rhino and purple haze are pretty decent buds for the price.

    Love the free gummies tossed in. Everything was packaged great. Zero smell.

  19. thugjma (verified owner)

    I ordered a single once first Time, shipping very fast. Now i ordered 4 Oz AAA and I wait after this beautiful order.
    Your Weed its so good, i recommand call here if you wanna have for your money.
    Best marketplace ever!

  20. Carrisa (verified owner)

    Amazing product for the price, definitely ordering again ! Got 4oz, 3 purple kush and 1 orange krush. I asked for indica dominant strains 🙂 and was quite pleased with what was provided. Everything smoked really nice.

  21. nancyguilb

    Good good Weed, j’ai adorée le purple haze!!!! Le pk est ma souche préféré depuis toujours. j’ai très hâte de recevoir ma commande!!! Probablement demain hihi!! À suivre……. JM & Nancy vos fidèles acheteurs.

  22. thugjma (verified owner)

    Always receiv order I ordered.
    I ask for Sativa ( sour d, purple haze. & Duke Nukem)
    And I receive very beautiful purple kush and bubba kush. Wow very nice deal 🙂
    Thx for gummys was delicious & edible too. Highly recommanded to all medical and récréatives user! Great staff, take care to customer and fast reply, fast shipping and great great stuff 🙂 perfect to treat your symtome with this high class cannabis! Bubba kush he have give to me help me for my sleep 🙂
    Best Sativa ever!!! Give a good kick for sleep. Purple kush too,
    very good Sativa 🙂
    Very professionnel 🙂
    vERY VERY good girls Sab 🙂
    I cant say anymore!!

  23. nancyguilb

    first, I follow my previous message !!! First, the (supposed system bog) so received my package later than expected …. then, I am confirmed that everything is ok in my choice of varieties SATIVA !!!! Finally, I receive my package …… I hurry to open it! I’m really in the tank …… not only I get back and in addition I have NOTHING that I asked !!!!! Worse, they send me only INDICA !!!!!! The opposite of my request.😫😫 When you buy a quarter of a book …… you want what you order, not the opposite! on the other hand, your Purple Kush is excellent.

  24. candaceclow83 (verified owner)

    Awesome! My absolute favourite!

  25. gayintoronto (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered at least 3x from here…. price and quantity
    I’ve read other reviews that said they didn’t get what was the discription… however The discription of this product does state the sample strains listed may not be available, but equivalent strains will be selected instead.
    There was indica sativa and hybrid in my package. I like this variety pack because I love taking multi strains grinded up then smoked.. I love the high when I do it that way
    If your package is late in delivery 99% is all canada post fault…
    I will order again as customer service is quick to respond
    but remember sabrinas World is on PACIFIC MOUNTAIN TIME 4 HOURS BEHIND EST. TIME
    this is totally 5 stars

  26. tom (verified owner)

    Order came in this morning and im real happy. I got 3oz of what I requested and im happy with the 2 1/2oz subs. Master og kush is small and dry but extremely potent. Nice deal, best around.

  27. Jason merling

    I really enjoyed this special. You really can’t beat the price for the quality.
    The variety strains really was useful in two ways
    I can narrow down the strain that’s most effective
    I love grinding a mixture of the strains together…
    Customer support response is reasonable, but must remember they work on PST time not EST time…
    As for speed of delivery.. make sure you order express post for 1 to 3 days orders are usually shipped by next day
    however keep in mind Canada post screws up allot.. so do not blame sabrinas World for the delayed delivery

  28. 420 advocate (verified owner)

    Great bud. Purple candy and orange crush both great. Will order again. Thanks sabrinasworld. Here is to you.

  29. Cheeco (verified owner)

    Top notch service and most of all the quality of the herb is amazing! Cant beat the price! 100% on point! Thanks for the freebies too!!!

  30. kim.macdaddy (verified owner)

    I got my package yesterday and OMG!!! It’s amazing. I’m super impressed! Definitely ordering from here all the time. You guys rock!!!

  31. candaceclow83 (verified owner)

    Still keep coming back to this deal because I love the variety! Hope you guys keep this one forever! 😍☺️😋😜

  32. djcurtis59 (verified owner)

    My go to now

  33. devonhall73 (verified owner)

    Got my package today, it took a bit longer then expected but the wait was well worth it got two of my favourite strains, for dirt cheap will definitely order from here more often

  34. Austin Ducharme (verified owner)

    I buy off this site all the time, well trusted they answer fast and ship fast!!

  35. henderson.c2789 (verified owner)

    This is amazing bud. Just got my order and it ships very fast for the price! Good variety and food service definitely a repeat customer

  36. Abishai

    Theres some bad reviews out there for sabrinasworld but I’ve always gotten what I have ordered. Great stuff, and will continue buying until they screw up lol

  37. Rebekah (verified owner)

    Well worth every penny I received 4 different kinds so far so good amazing quality just as good as any other dispensary with half the price ! Thank you 🙏

  38. jenhaswag (verified owner)

    Order more than once from here! By far my favourite go to!
    One concern is the customer service I feel Iike I have to remind them some little mistakes they did here and there.Like the communication is poor between knowing if it’s comfirmed 2 days later or getting my tracking info another 2 days after. Really stresses me out! Overall good bud.

  39. bilodeaujustine (verified owner)

    I am very happy with my purchase! I bought 4 oz., asked for indica or hybrid and received 1.5 of monster kush(indica),1.5 of Dutch kush (indica) and 1 of funky skunk (hybrid). It took 3 days to come to Qc so I will buy again for sure

  40. devinkennedy711

    how good is this is it like there bluedream bc i did not care for it

  41. Jesse (verified owner)

    Bought this a couple times now always amazing and the best prices ever!!! Thanks again!!!

  42. Admin

    Hello Thomas! We are deeply sorry for this unfortunate event we are having in our shipping department. We are just getting everything fixed and are shipping every order that was on hold with new departments. Hopefully we can make it up to you and please accept this coupon for a –> “10%off” on your orders.

  43. gobrillacity (verified owner)

    Recived 4 different kinds. Awesome. 2 where prety decent. Blue dream wasn’t great. And the final oz. just terrible not a single bud bigger than a popcorn kernel. Might as well been bottoms. Probably less stem in bottoms. That being said. It was probably the best buzz outta all of it. Next time I’ll have to do the 4A. Not a bad purchase for the cost

  44. wilsonjohn100 (verified owner)

    Best bud for the price. Very happy with this deal. Thanks Sabrina!

  45. canadiansmoke (verified owner)

    Disliked blueberry indica. Looks like it’s spoiled.. tastes not so good and smells musky. Some seeds as well— good for growing at least. Lol. It does give a slightly average high after a bit.
    I also got sour diesel…. wow! That’s an amazing strain. The sample is so good too.. I believe it’s citrus skunk?

  46. Barry jones

    I recieved 4oz 2 weeks ago and loved it. I would rate it from 1-10 a definately 15 with 2 thumbs up. I would re omend this to anyone who would ask.

  47. Jason stien

    I just got my order in this morning and I am smoking now! This is great. I like how it hits you fast and strong like a horse just kicked you!

  48. Dexter knowles

    I ordered my first pound and I got it 2 days ago. It was better than I was told. The buds are alot better than me buying from a friend

  49. Evan gunner

    I ordered the variety pack for the first time ever ordering from this site. I ordered 8oz and recieved it in 3 days in which I thought it was pretty damn fast. I smoked a joint of the mataro blue and I was estatic. The mataro blue blew me away. I felt like I was in a lost world falling from the sky. I smoked the purple kush later and I slept like a baby all night

  50. Charlie webster

    I just got my ounce and it is awsome. Nice aroma as it burns. I got it pretty fast.

  51. Ben minter

    You guys did it again on the variety pack. I ordered 8oz and have gotten the og kush and the mataro blue. Both put me to sleep but the mataro blue haa me doing ectra stuff and the og kush helps me sleep at night. I am officially

  52. Nathan Butcher

    NICE! I don’t know what you guys did to this strain but I have not smoked anything like it yet and the prices are unbeatable. 👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥

  53. 420 advocate (verified owner)

    More than 5 times now i think ive gotten this. Its always good weed. Little bit of shake in the last 2 ounces of blue dream 😉 but really for me ill just make a blast 🙂

  54. Latimer (verified owner)

    Best bang for your money my 2nd time ordering no problems.

  55. coltcapone0420 (verified owner)

    Hi sabrinas world, i absolutely love your quality and prices! I do have one problem though , i placed my order for 4oz of this, second time ordering and have been trying to get my tracking information. I seen the notice on the website saying check junk mail and trash for the email, i did and did not see the email anywhere… please let me know my tracking number and email me back please ive sent numerous emails since tuesday and have not got a reply. Btw my money has been accepted since tuesday aswell. I have no problems beside that. Hope to hear from someone

    • Admin

      Hello, we are deeply sorry for this delay. We will investigate ASAP and let you know what happened by email. We are doing our best to catch up on late orders. Sometimes CP post office in close range districts aren’t available and this keeps us from having a fast shipping process. Hope you understand and don’t worry, your order will be delivered to your door. Many people say bad things now about us but we asure you we are here taking care of business. We ignore bad comments and keep on working. 😀 cheers and have an excellent day.

  56. Dawson Watson (verified owner)

    Great quality, great price! 100% recommend it!!

  57. Derreck (verified owner)

    I have loved every order, the best until my last order which was on Sept 9th, $600 was accepted but my order was not sent. I have emailed every day but no answer. I am disabled and the order was for my wife and I on a fixed income. Someone goofed up I am assuming….please help me get my last order?

    • Admin

      Hi Derreck. We are very sorry, we will make sure we fix this. We will send you your tracking number and further explanation by email. Sorry again..

  58. Derreck Gaudet (verified owner)

    Hi Admin. Thanks for every order in the past but I am still waiting on my tracking number for a $600 order I placed Sept 9th …..You guys are the best so please help me get my second $600 order that was paid for but not yet received?

    • Admin

      Hi Derreck, sorry for the late response, I just sent our Processing team your order so they can give me an answer ASAP. We will dig into it and send you your tracking order as soon as I receive it. Thank you for letting us know and please keep us in touch.

  59. Bethany Rymer

    This special is great because even if you just order an OZ you get to try out two different strains and not to mention the price tag that comes along with it. I’m not sure you can find bud that’s dirt cheap and good quality like this so stick with sabs world

  60. Derreck (verified owner)

    Hi Admin. Can you please help me get my order? It is hard to read that so many have received their orders but not me and I was a regular customer. This is only my second $600 order and I would love to have it sent. Your weed is by far the best and I’m still waiting for my tracking. Please help me out here?

    • Admin

      Hi Derreck, sorry to read this. We had some issues with some orders but we already have them ready to go. Hopefully one of them is yours. Please keep us updated on our email. We are here to help. 😉

  61. Brian (verified owner)

    Hey admin I have the same problem as dereck we have been ordering from u for a long time we loved every order but haven’t got the last order we purchased

    • Admin

      Hi Brian, yes we are on it, just replied to Dereck. Please keep us updated on our email please. We are here to help, thanks for being with us.

  62. Jack smith

    Who ever Sabrina is she’s got good bud n best prices so mad I been getting ripped off everywhere else I bought from my new mom for life

  63. Nicole brown

    Love the variety pack selection is amazing and shipping was very fast appreciate the free gifts to 🥰

  64. Brendan Weber

    It’s great to be able to receive different strains and only having to pay 1 price and they ship really quickly

  65. Joshua Durelo

    When ordering this assorted pack I got the blue mataero and the king kush and both were up to my quality standards and I am satisfied with the price I paid

  66. J (verified owner)

    Sabrinas World is awesome! I couldn’t decide between a qp or hp… filled out the order for a qp and then sent the transfer for a hp (I know, silly me:) sent a message the next morning… within 5 mins customer service replied and they doubled my order:) great service! Professional packaging! Great flower for an awesome price! Will definitely be buying again! Thanks again S.W!

  67. rick lahey (verified owner)

    It’s decent, i got all popcorn buds. 3oz of pine tar kush, 1oz of citrus skunk. Pine is ok, nothing special. Citrus Skunk smells delicious, tastes good. If i had known it was going to be popcorn buds i would have grabbed something else though.🤷🏻‍♂️

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