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Blue Rhino Strain

CAD50.00CAD1,450.00 inc. GST tax



  • $1,450 – 1lb
  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr

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14gr, 1lb, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz

15 reviews for Blue Rhino Strain

  1. Ricky jones

    Hello, my name is ricky. I ought a few grams a couple of weeks ago and it was some good stuff. I can see ordering this again.

  2. Tony montana

    I just placed an order of the blue rhino yesterday! I just ran out of the blue rhino. It is some good bud

  3. jonesy192

    Just got the Blue rhino in my last variety pack . Very good stuff tasty with lasting effects.

  4. Daisy devers

    The blue rhino is great. This bud knocked me out. I have told all my friends about you guys.

  5. Nazneen mohamed

    Great color of bud looks great. I opened the pack and the smell hit me and I thought I was in heaven. Hi quality buds with nice color. Great combination

  6. Dwayne fuller

    Nice smell of the blue rhino. Great bud to smoke. It keeos me on the go without getting me tired.

  7. Rich richardson

    Smooth bud with light strans. Packs a powerful punch without coughing. I think this is top notch bud

  8. Sean werta

    Awsome strain of cannibus. Strong aroma smelling like blueberry. Sticky buds that leaves my hands smiing like blueberry

  9. Veronica sellers

    I had the oportunity to smoke the blue rhino. Nice bold colors of buds followed by the blue smoke while it burns super slow. It helps with my arthritis as well

  10. George vector

    This is the best blue rhino around. I have tried so called “blue rhino” and it didn’t live up to its rep. It was nowhere near as potent as this blue rhino. I opened the package and the smell instantly hit me with such force, for a minute I thought I was at the bakery with the strong blueberry smell. I smoked a joint and it gave off a blue smoke that I thought was awsome.

  11. Chelsea mortimer

    This strain has me feeling marvalous. It burns so slow. The smell itself almost got me high, it being so potent. If you want a strong bud that does the job, blue rhinois the way to go.

  12. Peter umbar

    I love the color of the orange hairs mixed in with the blue strains of the bud. The blue smoke as it burns sets off the blunt. The strength of the buds had my head spinning. I love the blueberry aroma

  13. Sandra White

    I just got in my shipment this afternoon of my favorite strain. The package look so cool and the strain is always fresh. It gets me so darm high. I am glad to have this strain to help me sleep.

  14. Amanda Simmons

    Great strain to smoke. I get a killer high off a joint. I like the blue smoke coming off of the joint as it burns. I even made some cookies with blue rhino and it was the shit. Thanks for such a great product.

  15. Jessica Cuddemi

    AMAZING quality, would buy again 100% this specific strain brings happiness. Although I got the 99 OZ because they were out of stock and had to choose something similar to what I ordered.

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