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BlueBerry Crack AAAAA

$180.00 $150.00 inc. GST tax

Sabrina’s World is proud to present our new AAAAA dried cannabis strain in Canada.

Our Premium Strain is available in…


  • 1oz – $150.00


Sabrina’s World is proud to present our new AAAAA dried cannabis strain in Canada.

Our Premium Strain is available in…


  • 1oz – $150.00

19 reviews for BlueBerry Crack AAAAA

  1. Amber Waller

    The name speaks for itself. It is just like crack that gets you addicted that smells like fruity blueberries. This strain is awsome.

  2. Troy Wilson

    Wow, this is my favorite strain to smoke. After one joint it’s like lights out.

  3. mpf119

    OMG ! Amazing strain ! fruiity with diesel llike smell and taste. the taste dont go away on the joint after 2 hits, it tastes great all the way to the end of the joint. great body and cerebral effect. tyty

  4. Samantha Johnson

    I got hooked on the aroma when I opened the package. The buds look huge.

  5. Briana Cirrus

    This strain has me on full alert. I feel like swimming a marathon after smoking this strain. Very strong product.

  6. Cecil Jackson

    I felt like Tyrone Biggums from the Dave Chappelle show yesterday when I received my order yesterday of 8oz. This strain is the shit.

  7. anissa Bobbit

    love this strain so potent and smells amazing

  8. Joannie Comeaux

    Bonne produit est BonnE service

  9. Noemie Vieannau

    vraiment apprécié mon produit et je suis heureux que cela n’a pas pris plus de quelques jours pour arriver

  10. Shae Holden

    This strain is very addictive I smoked some yesterday and I’m craving for more I wish I ordered an OZ now I have to wait a few days for my order to arrive! Can’t wait though.

  11. Steven Morelos

    This strain is very very potent hence the name and the high THC percentage that’s amazing. Government dispensaries strains are never over 22% and this has a whopping 32% THC I can’t believe how high I got just what I was looking for.

  12. Frankie Cininaci

    This is a very high THC strain perfect for those who wants to get super high like me lol

  13. Caity Maxwell

    This is a nice high THC strain and they actually got back to me when I had questions so that was nice to feel reassured about your purchase. Overall good experience ordering from them.

  14. Ashleigh Riemer

    I’m seriously hooked on this strain y’all! It’s the most fire kush I’ve smoked in a long time. Lit up a blunt with some friends and everyone wanted the number to my connect

  15. Ashleigh Mcharg

    This product is super great me and my friends really enjoyed smoking a blunt of this it gave us the giggles and munchies

  16. Matt Burgess

    Blueberry crack is fuckin awesome can’t believe I found such a awesome strain for so cheap

  17. Michelle Bernard (verified owner)

    I thought it would come in bigger buds but it was all small and leafy i didn’t think it would be any good until I smoked a joint of it and it gave me a lil buzz so I guess it’s not all about the looks but does not look anything like the picture don’t get me wrong I love your products I’ve gotten Walter white and love it and northern lights and also love that. But this strain is good just not what I accepted

  18. rockymcadam (verified owner)

    just received my order today for 420 and my god this is the stuff thanks sabrinas world ill be ordering again

  19. michael desjarlais

    My apologies for being impatient Sabrinas world. The bud the taste and the prices wow great job.

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