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Blueberry Kush

$50.00$1,450.00 inc. GST tax



  • $1,450 – 1lb
  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr

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14gr, 1lb, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz

37 reviews for Blueberry Kush

  1. Anonymous

    Buds are nice and sticky and dense. Nice flavour and a good buzz, but, and it’s a fairly big one, it isn’t blue. Not at all. I ordered two oz of this indica, because it is bright blue in the pics but it shows up and it’s green. Quite the let down.

  2. Edy (verified owner)

    Buds are nice and sticky and dense. Nice flavour and a good buzz, but, and it’s a fairly big one, it isn’t blue. Not at all. I ordered two oz of this indica, because it is bright blue in the pics but it shows up and it’s green. Quite the let down.

  3. jonesy192 (verified owner)

    Awesome product great shipping. Cannot go wrong with Sabrina’s World thanks again

  4. Terry

    Takes over 2 weeks for them to process the orders.
    I’ve ordered from them about 10 times now and always a issue with shipping.

    • Bryan

      We are sorry to hear your experience was not as expected. Please accept our apologies and know we are improving our shipping and delivery times. Some things are out of our control but please know that moving forward we expect to provide a better service. Please accept a code 10%off for your inconvenience. Cheers- Sabrina

  5. wilsonjohn100

    This will be my first time just ordered my medicine yesterday. I really hope I have a better experience then Terry did. Time will tell. I only heard good things about Sabrinas World. I am told it is 5 stars from other people I know.

  6. wilsonjohn100

    Received my order. Took 5 days, I don’t care! The bud is nice and the price is right. I will order 6 days before.

  7. Nancy hornsby

    I like how the buds are sticky and burn slow. I only waited maybe a week for my order but I enjoyed it.

  8. Benny marshall

    I love the stickiness of the bud and the smell of it before smoking it. I love the smell of the bud as it is burning. Great bud

  9. carldesrochers77

    This stuff smell and taste very good i love 🙂

  10. Devin warwick

    The buds are great. I like how sticky the buds are. The buds itself sure feel light weight but hascthe potency of a mack truck. I love it

  11. Michael frost

    Nice berry aroma. The combination of orange and blue hairs is what caught my attention. Since I first smoked blueburry kush, I have not bought anything else.

  12. Laura ruby

    I ordered a pound of the blueberry kush and I love it. I love the strong smell of the blueberry. The kush does put me to sleep.

  13. Reginald duncan

    The buds are big and blue like in the picture. It is so sticky. My fingers were smelling like the bud tje day after rolling a blunt. The potency of this strain blew my mind. I felt like I got hit by a car being so damn high.

  14. Craig barnhill

    Awsome looking buds and the price is out of this world. I got so high, I didn’t know how I ended up om the toilet. It sure burns slow.

  15. Winston urlock

    I ordered a lb of the bluebery kush and I love it. Nice big blue buds that looks like something you would see under water somewhere.

  16. Aubrey devito

    I just got my order after a week. Nice big buds that are sticky and easy to break down. I am glad I went ahead and ordered 4oz and tried it out. Fantastic buds and potent

  17. Paul Weimar

    The monster kush is a beast! I can’t even smoke a whole blunt without tapping out halfway. With the overwhelming blueberry aroma and super high quality buds, it is no wonder why this product is so popular.

  18. Elrod K.

    I saw how the buds look in the picture and I ordered a pound. It came in this morning and the buds that came in look just like in the picture. I just finished 8a joint and I am twisted. Great product.

  19. Kelly Conner

    I am in love with this strain. I ordered 4 oz and it came in 4 days. The blueberry smell is what I like. Great product

  20. marie-pier

    WoW ! nice taste, nice smell, nice smoke ! A1 !

  21. marie-pier

    WoW ! nice smell, nice smoke, nice taste ! A1 !

  22. mpf119 (verified owner)

    i would give this strain a 6 stars !! Awesome buds, smell, taste and high ! A1 !! tyty

  23. Jose Cortez

    All I have to say is DAMN! Blueberry kush made a big impact in my life.

  24. Joel Sanchez

    Blue berry kush is a great strain and they offer it at competitive low prices

  25. Carter Duncan

    This is the sticky icky blue berry all the rappers rap about, this strain is straight fire

  26. mitchellreid373 (verified owner)

    Shaky but good taste small buds as well

  27. Braxton Greenberg

    99$ Oz is a really decent price can’t even find stuff that cheap from the guys on the street and this is better because you don’t even have to leave your house to get it

  28. Grant lee

    Blueberry is my favourite taste amazing smokes good to

  29. Marie evens

    Thanks for the free gift made my day and I loved the flower best site out there

  30. Charlie Lingen

    Received 2 grams of this as a sample and I had to come back and order a whole Oz because it was some fire kush.

  31. Melissa Cook

    Love the sticky icky blue berry

  32. Ethan B

    Was at a party and a bunch of friends were smoking a blunt in the garage that I decided to get in on it was so nice to smoke not harsh on the lungs and I just had to find out where that kush came from, turns out they got it from Sabrina’s world and it’s safe to say I’ve found my new source

  33. Aiden Paicek

    The blueberry is really nice I don’t usually enjoy this strain but decided to try it because all the weed I get from Sabrina’s world is good and I was right this strain was really good and I would honestly order again

  34. Hilary Capsersa

    Blueberry kush is super sticky nice big buds and they didn’t take long to ship after my payment was received I was impressed with the return time

  35. dyl.hart07 (verified owner)

    This weed is the best I’ve got, a heavy smoker like myself this does the job. Definitely gonna get more

  36. Jackie Binguis (verified owner)

    Love buying this strain but only thing is shipping time other than that excellent quality and definitely worth the wait

  37. michelleepp9 (verified owner)

    By far the best weed I’ve ever gotten from any dispensary it takes a month or more to get my order in Saskatchewan but it is definetly worth it!!!!!!

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