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Happy New Year – $199 Sale

$199.00 inc. GST tax

Sabrinas world is back with incredible specials for all those who were good this year!

Our special includes:

  1. 14gr of Pine Tar Kush
  2. 14gr of Citrus Skunk
  3. 14gr of BlueBerry Kush
  4. 14gr of Banana Clip Smalls
  5. 2gr of Blue Rhino Smalls
  6. 1 pack of THC gummies 200mg


Sabrinas world is back with incredible specials for all those who were good this year!

Our special includes:

  1. 14gr of Pine Tar Kush
  2. 14gr of Citrus Skunk
  3. 14gr of BlueBerry Kush
  4. 14gr of Banana Clip Smalls
  5. 2gr of Blue Rhino Smalls
  6. 1 pack of THC gummies 200mg

16 reviews for Happy New Year – $199 Sale

  1. James Turner

    The Christmas sale is tge best thing I have gotten. It just came in today and it smells so pleasant with all the buds all together.

  2. Jackie Wilson

    This package is the bomb! I get thia all the time. I rate this 10 out of 10.

  3. Mark Bartlett

    This is the best deal available on all MOM sites u get 2 Oz for 199 + 2 gr to try the FIRE kush AND a pack of THC gummies. Amazing!!!!!!!!

  4. Greg Stewart

    I have not had anything yet that tops this package. Every last strain is killer.

  5. Penelope Prince

    The Christmas sale does me right. I get this all the time.

  6. Bertha Wells

    I get this special all the time. I love the variety of different strains that comes in this special.

  7. Amanda Juulson

    I ordered this strain to share with all my friends on our friends-mas day, and I’m really excited to smoke with them and try out all the different stuff in the package.

  8. Valerie Thibault

    J’aime beaucoup toute les chose ensemble, tu peut assayer toute les different produit quil offre. J’ai recu mon colis en 3 journee. Vraiment impressent

  9. Zoe Arbor

    The Christmas special is my favorite thing to get for the holidays. All of the strains that comes in the package are A-1.

  10. Steven Dove

    This special is a beast. Each strain plus the gummies are great.

  11. Colin Kenny nfld (verified owner)

    Before placing the order I was skeptical, not because the abundance of negative reviews about this MoM but because my last order was an oz short.

    I contacted customer service before placing any order about interest in buying the Xmas promotion product and received prompt response. I brought the missing oz from the previous order to their attention and they told me to just add it to the cart and not pay for it at purchase. So I did, I added an oz of sour diesel AAAA To my cart checked out

    I got the green in fair time.. it seemed as soon as they accepted the email transfer all contact was lost, which no doubt scared the shit out of me. I waited a few days before I tried emailing asking about my tracking information, that turned into emailing every second or third day, no response.. after about 2 weeks then I went onto the website and went into my account, orders … and found the tracking number was there and that the package arrived at the local post office the day before lol…

    The weed it self, I really liked it for the price… 100 dollars an oz. I don’t know if it came from AAAA quality plants but it was decent quality. it says in the specials description that the banana clips and another strain were smalls, popcorn size I guess, but all the strains I received we’re smalls. Mostly like popcorn kernels before they’re popped . That’s not a complaint though because for 100 dollars an oz that’s good shit.
    The banana clips was the most tasty I found but they all tastes nice to fair. The blueberry a little warm and musky, citrus skunk has a piney pinch to it…

    The weed itself was all fairly dry (but borderline gummy when busted)and all looked very similar with few noticible differences probably due to what looks to be older crops.

    My last order I received of blue berry kush, it was much more fresh and bigger buds it was crazy good. For 100 dollars an oz it would have been mind blowing but the other half of my order wasn’t with it…

    I wrote them regularly for about a month plus without response. They responded within an hour or 2 of inquiring about ordering the Xmas special Lol.

    The customer service is a bit odd here, an area that if they improve could probably help them, like a lot? In fact it seems customer service ends at the point of payment, Lol.

    I will come back and try Sabrinas world again for a couple cheap ounces at a time.
    Buyers keep in mind the cheap price per oz and the expected quality, I was more than pleased with the Crystal covered popcorn nugs and kernels. And I was happy they replaced the ounce they never sent out last order.
    Look at reviews and keep in mind before placing a Large order.

    • Admin

      Thank you so much for your input, we really appreciate this comment do to all the hate and fake comments that are on us on Google. We are already working on our shipping, we have a new shipping center that we just opened a few days ago with more customer service people so we are really hoping we get better at that part. We apologize to anyone who has had problems with their shipping. Although sometimes CP is the guilty one here but we will continue to do our best. Hope to see you again soon around.

  12. Hailey Fachs

    I ordered this as a gift to myself for Christmas. I was worried to see the smalls in the description of the banana clip but I was actually quite impressed. The nugs I received weren’t big but they definitely weren’t tiny either. They smoked nice and looked nice. I got my delivery faster than expected so that was a bonus especially during the busy holiday rush. Cool product.

  13. Hailey Brochonic

    I like that this sale is running through the new year gives me more time to purchase such a great deal.

  14. Kyle Driamcauis

    I was a little concerned after ordering this and realizing it says smalls on the banana clip but all of it was awesome the buds weren’t popcorn size just a little bit smaller than big bud but still just as nice looking of bud. They also shipped to me within a few days which is something I was impressed with and I would order this and from Sabrina’s world again

  15. Veronica Mitters

    I missed out on this sale during the Xmas period as I was so busy I forgot but I’m very excited to see that they decided to extend it into the new year. I’ll now be able to ring in the new year high as hell off of these amazing products.

  16. Walter Palmer

    I had the chance to order this and I loved it. each strain in this package and the gummies are very potent and I felt the effects early on while smoking a joint. The gummies are so good and have the perfect sweetness. The buzz from the gummies lasted for a very long time. Keep up the good products.

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