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Monster Kush

$50.00$1,450.00 inc. GST tax



  • $1,450 – 1lb
  • $750 – 8oz
  • $380 – 4oz
  • $99 – 1oz
  • $50 – 14gr

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14gr, 1lb, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz

18 reviews for Monster Kush

  1. Chuck

    Received this in a variety pack, actually only received this for both oz’s? Smokes nice, burns well, tastes good. Real downfall was I went right to the fridge and bed after smoking, and I counted 156 seeds in the 2 oz’s i got.

  2. Johnny woodson

    I recieved an ounce about a week ago or so. I like how slow it burned and the quality of this product

  3. David parks

    This is some hood high quality bud.

  4. Abraham burrows

    I highly recommend the monster kush. This stuff is awsome. I love how slow it burned

  5. Dwight rodgers

    I like the lightness of the buds. Eventhough the buds are light, it will knock you out.

  6. Ricardo

    Smokes nice and slow. Nice size buds and has a nice aroma.

  7. Sam dunn

    This bud has me in “chill” mode but high as hell after smoking.

  8. Larry ward

    I got a little of this in a variety pack and i loved it. It smells wonderful and it burns slow like time is almost still. It has almost a grape taste that cought my attention. This strain gave me a high that felt like I almost had a headache.

  9. Gina coleman

    Awsome strain of bud. For the price and the quality I ended up getting 2 pounds. Oh so pungent strain. I love how simple it is to order along with a quick turnaround from the time you order til the time your order arrives at your door.

  10. James Vaughn

    Yay, my shipment came in this morning of my medicine. I can relax stress free and being high at the same time. The prices for what you are getting are the best prices around. You gous are number 1.

  11. Buddy Harrison

    I am glad to have gotten my order yesterday afternoon. The pungent aroma smelled up my apartment. I was so high that I fell asleep.

  12. Carl Francis

    The monster kush is a beast. I am stoned right now.

  13. Denis Kamocavic

    This was in my variety pack, I got about 7 grams and I really enjoyed it so I plan on ordering an OZ and making this my permanent smoke

  14. Colin Russell

    Very strong bud with nice colour and orange hairs and thick THC chromosomes

  15. michelle Corea

    The monster kush is so yummy. The aroma is out of this world. I am officially sold on this site and this strain.

  16. Paul Trantinsky

    This is a great product and they never take long on shipping and that is a great thing now a days.

  17. Jackson Breakes

    This is a nice strain. A little less potent then I was hoping for but still good to smoke non the less. Would purchase again

  18. Tyler Potenskis

    This is a pleasant strain. Good smoke and nice looking bud, didn’t hurt my lungs.

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