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Northern Lights by Cannacup Farms

$77.00$880.00 inc. GST tax

Premium Boutique Designer Cannabis by CannaCup Farms presents the best shatter and dried cannabis there is in Canada.

Our Premium Strain is available in…

  • 7gr – $77.00
  • 14gr – $143.00
  • 1oz – $240.00
  • 4oz – $880.00


Premium Boutique Designer Cannabis by CannaCup Farms presents the best shatter and dried cannabis there is in Canada.

Our Premium Strain is available in…

  • 7gr – $77.00
  • 14gr – $143.00
  • 1oz – $240.00
  • 4oz – $880.00

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14gr, 1oz, 4oz, 7gr

22 reviews for Northern Lights by Cannacup Farms

  1. Gene Robinson

    This strain is the bomb. The name of the strain itself is self explanitory on the quality of the strain it sure had me lite up like a christmas tree any day of the year. I would say it is worth the price to get a high quality strain like non other. Freaking awsome strain.

  2. Harold Stone

    This strain is the shit. I haven’t has anything like this in a long time. I love the smoothness and how a Low it burned. It is so sticky.

  3. Paul G

    I am glad to have ordered a pound of this ridiculously high quality strain. Other than it arriving at my house in 3 days, I got high fast.

  4. Neil Harper

    Nice product that packs a serious punch. I recommend tbis product.

  5. Jelly Hawkins

    I am glad I ordered this Lamborghini of cannabis. I couldn’t pass up how the bud looks.

  6. Penelope Miller

    This strain blows me away. It has my head pounding like a horse kicked me. This is awesome.

  7. Xzavier Gartica

    The northern lights has me lite up! I am high all day

  8. Justin Fawk

    Northern lights is by far my favourite strain so I always expect top quality and that is exactly what I received when I ordered from Sabrina’s world. Excellence in both product and customer service

  9. Victoria Whitaker

    Really enjoy this, one of my faves from u guys. Keep up the great work

  10. Morgan Young

    Really enjoyed this strain happy that this was the one I decided on ordering. Reviews were super helpful in my choice and my order arrives tmmrw so I will update everyone on how it goes!

  11. Jayson Gladue

    Got this in the mail on Friday and I enjoyed it so much i smoked my whole order. Thx god for great prices that I can order more and their ship times are very fast surprisingly

  12. Mark Jefferson

    fast shipping was a key element for me. I ordered a quarter pound and got it in 2 days, no delays. I live close to where they ship from so that’s a bonus.

  13. Corey Brooker

    the buds are a nice bright green with little orange hairs, smells amazing, looks even better, and the high is out of this world.

  14. Austin Powell

    The THC on this strain is serious. You can see it all over the nugs nice white thricomes one of my favourites available

  15. Anita Woods

    Northern lights is a very light fruity strain when smoked and I wish all strains were like that. This is by far the best one available and they always send it to me within a few days and I think that’s great

  16. Jake Hall

    The northern lights sure did put my lights out. this is great. When I ordered 4oz, it came in 3 days.

  17. Sheldon Vreitnent

    Ordered a full pound of this strain and that was the best I’ve ever received from Sabrina’s world. Was also stoked to see it arrive in 3 days.

  18. Richie Dryman

    Haven’t found a strain with this high of THC levels in awhile. Very nice bud and it was delivered in a timely manner.

  19. Maggie Humphries

    Great strains and I appreciate how fast the delivery was especially during such a busy mailing time. Really happy to have received this before the holidays

  20. Mikeala Blundom

    This strain is really nice! Great product. I was sceptical after reading some bad reviews but haters gonna hate. I really enjoyed my products from Sabrina’s world.

  21. Samantha Rukaiya

    This is what I would call premium cannabis. I’m super picky when it comes to strains and I very much liked this one it didn’t hurt my lungs and I could see that it was grown very well

  22. Tasha Williams

    Northern lights gets me lit! Love this strain it’s so awesome

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