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Special 150 2oz BC Bud Sale

$150.00 inc. GST tax

Be the first to try our new special 150 for 2 ounces sale


Our Special Can Include the following mix of strains depending on availability:

  • Duke Nukem
  • Citrus Skunk
  • Bruce Banner
  • BlueBerry Kush
  • PineTar Kush
  • Banana Clip


Be the first to try our new special 150 for 2 ounces sale


Our Special Can Include the following mix of strains depending on availability:

  • Duke Nukem
  • Citrus Skunk
  • Bruce Banner
  • BlueBerry Kush
  • PineTar Kush
  • Banana Clip

27 reviews for Special 150 2oz BC Bud Sale

  1. Willie Brightman

    This special is great. This is my second time getting this special.

  2. Myles Wood

    I just received this special in the mail, first time ordering and I am very pleased with the quality of the product and it didn’t take to long to get to me. Very nice smoke especially when ur paying 150$ for two Oz.

  3. Zachary Gilmore

    This bud is awesome. I told all of my friends about this site.

  4. Kelsea Rhodes

    I ordered this as gift to myself and my boyfriend, it’s an awesome deal and helps me get him something he likes for Xmas while still being able to have my smoke. Can’t wait for it to arrive

  5. Mikaela Horner

    just got this in the mail today & I’m very pleased with the overall product. It was nice to smoke and I am even happier i scored such a good deal.

  6. Jeff Jprdan

    this is the best deal that I have bought. I ordered this 2oz special and got it in yesterday. I can see ordering 2 more of the 2 oz specials.

  7. Stéphanie Brideau

    j’ai vraiment apprécié ce produit c’est l’un de mes préférés et j’ai de la chance de le trouver à un prix aussi bon marché et il arrive très vite chez moi

  8. Bruce Crosby

    this deal is awsome. I have already ordered this twice and the strains that I have gotten were killer. I couldn’t have gone wrong.

  9. Austin Crubler

    The strains offered in this special are awesome super potent nice bud and very well priced

  10. TJ Dreiser

    This is truley some high quality BC bud, can’t wait to get my next shipment in tomorow

  11. Candace Washington

    I just ordered this strain for the first time. I was a bit hesitant to order from this site since I have had a couple of bad experiences in the past. my order just came in this morning and I was excited to have gotten what I have ordered and it came within 4 days. Even the ordering process was simple. thank you for the fast and easy service.

  12. Darnell Kerpinsku

    I actually seriously can’t believe you can find 2 OZ for 150$ like that blows my mind and the kush is even more amazing

  13. Karl Williams

    Awesome price on really great chronic and they deliver in fast timing

  14. Josh Cavalire

    I didn’t believe my buddies when they told me they got 2 ounces for 150$ I thought that’s too good to be true but I ordered it for myself to give it a shot and surely my 2 Oz came in the mail about 3 days later. Can’t find this kind of deal anywhere else so load up while it’s still available

  15. Victoria Hall

    This is the best price online for bud. this sale is unbeatable. Sabrina’s world really out did the competition with this one

  16. Brittney Calloway

    This is the kind of deal you just can’t pass up on as you probably won’t find this low of prices for this quality of bud anywhere else

  17. Rick Lahey (verified owner)

    Great product, canadapost was a little slow but that’s not on you guys. Will definitely order from you guys again

  18. Tj Bacc

    The service, the wicked steal of a deal and the smoke are all mind blowing!! SW will continue to be my goto..20z for 150 almost made me feel…thx

  19. Aaron Bell (verified owner)

    Well worth the money.

  20. Slade (verified owner)

    It varies what you actually get, but it’s mostly very good! Definitely worth the 150!

  21. Jo Cassie (verified owner)

    Got this in fast got gorilla glue and sour diesel tryed the glue so far not bad at all both smell good only thing is alot of trim in bottom if bags

  22. ChroniczZ (verified owner)

    citrus skunk and sour grape are amazing, great quality, will order again

  23. emilymargaret_123 (verified owner)

    I ordered for a second time, first order was really good. Got 2 different strains. My second order not impressed. Bud is really good, but I got 2 Oz’s of one of the kinds we got got last time.

  24. Warren (verified owner)

    Fing perfect job. Great tight buds. Heavy indica smoke. Thank you so much !

  25. Braydon Karau (verified owner)

    Ordered 3 of these, 2 for me and one for a buddy. Most of the buds are really good, but we got 2 oz of pine tar Kush that is all small popcorn buds and there are lots of big stems on the buds, and stems just thrown in the bag. Bud is ok, just doesn’t look that good. Also got express 2-3 day shipping that took over a week to come in (could be due to covid19, but was never informed). Overall satisfied with the order because the price is really good and most of the buds are really good, other then the one kind, but can’t complain to much for the price.

  26. Syed Shanto (verified owner)

    Very good price~!

  27. pmat6699 (verified owner)

    Great stuff but i did pass 2 order and receive banana kush the first one and banana clip for the second one that the bad part of it 4 oz all the same kind for that that it for me

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