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Super Skunk

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  • $750- 8oz
  • $350- 4oz
  • $100- 1oz

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14gr, 1gr, 1lb, 1oz, 4oz, 8oz

14 reviews for Super Skunk

  1. Dustin rivers

    The super skunk is fantastic. I recomend you guys to all of my friends.

  2. Roger tenor

    My favorite strain hands down. I give it an A+ rating when it comes to grade and it gives you a direct high that does not put you to sleep.

  3. devin kennedy

    Dustin what would you say the thc level is in this weed

  4. Jose vega

    The super skunk is my new designer weed. I call the super skunk the gucci of all weed. The aroma is phenomenal that tickles my nose hairs. This is the shit

  5. Eric stein

    My favorite strain of bud. The smell is ferocious that is pungent. When I opened the package, the aroma hit me like a hurricane.

  6. Carlos rodriguez

    The funky smell of the bud is great. The smell of the joint burning is even awsome. The lightnes of the strain sets itself apart from the other buds. The pure high from the strain had hit me quick like a tank hit me at full speed

  7. Ruben salinas

    Hip hip hooray, my shipment came in. I am so anxious to bust the pack open and get a wiff of the aroma coming from the buds. The buds are huge. I have not seen buds this big before or this potent before. Cheers to you guys for shooting out such terrific cannabis.

  8. Scott Coleman

    I give this product 2 thumbs up. My shipment came in right on time and it couldn’t smell any fresher. The buds are huge and so sticky icky that leaves my fingers sticky. I received a strong buzz pretty quick that lasted for hours.

  9. Anonymous (verified owner)

    i ordered 1 0z. It was have shake. The cannabis was a grade 2 if that. I took 7 days. You get what you pay for. Maybe they were having a bad day when they packaged

  10. Hayden Loker

    Thx for the fast delivery I really appreciate that and the awesome quality product

  11. Peyton Hamilton

    love this strain, it’s nice and moist but not overly moist. It’s more sticky and has a nice kush smell. Not dried up like most bud from other sites

  12. Chris Dubert

    this strain is really amazing really great looking pot with a nice smell and fast delivery times

  13. Diego Garcia

    Good weed fast shipping and unbelievable price

  14. Peter tows

    Fast shipping excellent bud

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