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THC Gummies

$15.00 inc. GST tax

Consumers like edibles because they are discreet, don’t smell or require ingesting harmful smoke into the lungs. Gummies take two to three hrs to kick in and the relaxing effect can last for hours. best or sleeping disorders.


  • Melon
  • Peach
  • Coke
  • Worm
  • Red Coke


  • Melon
  • Peach
  • Coke
  • Worm
  • Red Coke

30 reviews for THC Gummies

  1. Eva

    Omg I love the coke and the peach! I can finally sleep!

  2. hockey_star_66

    The gummies were awesome and came in mail in no time, thanks Sabrina’s world 🙂

  3. Frank

    Next day mail. And I sleeped like a baby last night. I could get use to these.

  4. Eva

    Just got another order. Tnx Sab bb

  5. Cappa

    Very impressed. I ordered it yesterday and its here already. You just won my business.

  6. Monica B.

    Love Love Love these things. Absolutly LOVE them.

  7. Cam

    Never sleeped better in my life.

  8. Hamelton

    I can finally sleep

  9. Matt

    Best I have ever had!

  10. Julie

    These are Amazing!!!!!

  11. Kimmy

    My mom gave me a bag of the red coke to help me sleep. Lets just say I just ordered 6 bags?

  12. Eva


  13. Linda

    I love this product!

  14. Samantha

    I love these. And thank you for getting it here so quickly❤

  15. Micheal M

    One of the best products ever I love these gummies when I need some much needed rest or have any body pain. Thanks so much Sabrina’s world you guys rock!!!!!

  16. thugjma (verified owner)

    J’ai si hâte de recevoir les miens 🙂

  17. candaceclow83 (verified owner)

    Best thing ever!

  18. Stéphanie

    J’en ai reçu quelques uns avec ma commande et j’ai adoré 🙂

  19. darren kruskowski (verified owner)

    These guys are great !!!! yummie

  20. Sam roberson

    I oredered the leach about a month ago and loved it. I would recomend peach to anyone. I do plan on ordering the worm and the coke.

  21. Hannah jameson

    I love these gummies. I fell asleep pretty quick after eating a fewcof these gummies

  22. Jennifer perkins

    I love chewing on thes while at work at the office. I have a bowl of these on my desk. Perfect amount of flavor to hide the thc. I can’t even taste the thc at all. My coworkers has been steeling some gummies off my bowl and don’t realize these are infused. Haha

  23. Laury murphy

    These are the greatest gunnies by far. They are potent to the max with a slightly sweet taste. If I rated this from 1-10 I would have given it a 20

  24. Brenden Hache

    J’ai si hâte de recevoir les miens, jai entendu que cest une des meuilleur produit sur le site web.

  25. Natasha Wilson

    Really enjoyed the cherry coke bottles aswell as the gummy worms, these are also priced quite fair.

  26. Vicky Martins

    These gummies are delicious and very strong they work great, they also expedited to me very fast

  27. Andrew Pollard

    These are an absolute life saver. I’ve been trying to cut back on smoking lately but I use cannabis for its medical properties so this is a great option to reduce smoking plus they taste pretty good

  28. Nicole Thompson

    Love edibles and these ones are great, never hard and never too strong just perfect. I wish I could eat the whole bag in one sitting haha

  29. Luke Peele

    Gummy worms are amazing super strong and kick ass.

  30. Marika Gugiarno

    Fuzzy peaches are my favourite so I’m always super happy when they give me them with my order. They work wonders for people who can’t sleep and just need to relax after a long days

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