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Cherry Berry Hearts

$19.99 inc. GST tax

Product Includes: 1 pack THC Cherry Berry Gummies with 10 Cherry Berrys

Each Cherry Berry Gummy is infused with a punching 25mg THC. While the pack sums up a wonderful 250mg THC power.


Product Includes: 1 pack THC Cherry Berry Gummies with 10 Cherry Berrys

Each Cherry Berry Gummy is infused with a punching 25mg THC. While the pack sums up a wonderful 250mg THC power.

22 reviews for Cherry Berry Hearts

  1. Stéphanie (verified owner)

    Love it. :3

  2. Mike

    Wow , great taste and potent

  3. Shatterproof (verified owner)

    Weird jelly texture.
    Taste was meh.
    Stronger then the 200mg pack of gummies though.

  4. Greg peterson

    I love it. Great stuff.

  5. Francis north

    I like the sweetness and the effect of the thc.

  6. Alonzo jimenez

    I like the tartness of the gummies. Has a sweet taste with a mild thc flavor. Great gummies

  7. Morgan wilson

    I like the flavor of the berry hearts. Not too too potent but just enough potency to get you through the day

  8. Warren demerman

    Has a slight tangy taste but gets straight to the point with only a few of the hearts. Awsome. I wish I knew about this years ago.

  9. Paul walker

    Nice taste. Not too sweet but will knock you down. I wouldn’t suggest taking alot of these. Lol

  10. Angel rhodes

    Nice sweet taste as the thc sneaks up on you with a vengance. Great product.

  11. Jennifer coats

    I love the cherry berry hearts. It packs the perfect amount of sweetness with the perfect amount of thc to make you feel just right as you are going through your day.

  12. Barry Reynolds

    Great product. Nice taste and packs a punch like none other. If you want something sweet and potent but with an undercover high, these berry hearts are the one. I give it a 10 out of 10 for excelence and value.

  13. Jerry W

    Nice flavor and potent.

  14. Lauren Gaglirdi

    These cherry hearts are very light tasting which can be dangerous cause you want to eat so many. But they pack a mean punch for such small candies. I tried these because I got them for free and I got hooked

  15. Taylor Debrincat

    I like this product because you don’t taste the THC at all but you defiantly feel the effects. They are very light but potent at the same time

  16. Shantelle Cole

    These are so easy to eat if your someone who enjoys the effects of edibles but can’t stomach the taste. To me, these don’t really carry much flavour but they do work very well. Very strong once consumed for sure.

  17. Trisha Chen

    Love these they are perfect for those who enjoy edibles in lower doses because they are only 25 MG per piece or if you want a strong dose, just proceed to eat more. Great quality

  18. Sherri Ann Lewis

    These little gummy hearts are very tasty they have a light taste of cherry and little to no taste of THC but the effects are felt strongly. Great for relaxing

  19. Shianne Shumaker

    I couldn’t believe each of these little candies is packed with 25MG of THC. They are so small and cute and don’t have a ridiculously strong taste they taste quite fruity but once I ate two I realized that they are as truly strong as they say. Good product I love it

  20. Jo-Jo sterling

    Wow these sure are strong! I ate a few because I liked the taste so much and forgot how strong they were well they knocked me on my ass lol but in a good way. Can’t wait until my next order arrives

  21. Demi Larose

    These cherry berry hearts are so tasty I first tried them when I received them in a sample pack with my first order and I’ve been using them ever since they are so light but still as potent as you would expect over all just a great product

  22. David Merpaw

    Melts in your mouth not in your hand,its great for all those little aches and pains…Definitely worth the price

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