Marijuana seems to be returning its ancestral medicinal power; beyond miths there are proven benefits that this plant contributes to human health.

This new trend has occurred because the united states has been making popular and legalizing this plant in various states, the use of this plant for medicinal purposes, measure that increasingly has greater success and approval among patients and doctors.

  • 1) Fight migraines
  • Doctors in California have reported the successful treatment of 300,000 cases of migraine with medical marijuana. This contribution is relevant if we take into account that 25% of women and 8% of men report this condition in at least a moment of their lives. (Source:

  • 2) It slows the growth rate of tumors
  • The American Association for Cancer Research has confirmed that marijuana significantly slows the growth rate of tumors in the lungs, breasts, and brain. (Sources: /

  • 3) Relieves the symptoms of chronic diseases
  • Several studies reveal that marijuana helps to nuance the symptoms of chronic discomforts such as Bowel and Crohn’s disease, since it relieves the diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal pains of these diseases.

  • 4) Fights Glaucoma
  • Studies reveal that marijuana decreases intraocular pressure which favors the treatment of glaucoma. (

  • 5) Decreases discomfort of pre menstrual syndrome
  • This plant has proven to be highly effective in reducing the physical pain and discomfort caused by the pre-menstrual syndrome among the female population. (Source:

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