Rosin hash

During the past two years, the BHO has been very present among the cannabis community. This concentrate has been designated as one of the most potent available in the market, with each puff its basically like the first time you smoked. But the BHO also has its downsides, it is very dangerous to do, since you must use an extremely flammable solvent “butane gas”. It also takes a very complicated procedure to do so and, if done incorrectly, it could result in a very potent product and dangerous as well.

This is where the rosin hash comes in. The Rosin hash is a relatively a new way of producing cannabis rosin, and that rivals the BHO in quality. What makes the rosin hash so advanced, is that it does not require any type of solvent or alcohol. It is completely safe to produce. Rosin is the future of Cannabis concentrates, trust me!


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