The Pros and Cons of Pot:

Justin Trudy, a liberal leader received a lot of bad kickback after once mentioned he supports marijuana being legal. Medical professionals did not know how to respond to the comment when Justin said “cannabis is no worse than drinking liquor or smoking”.

A toxicology professor at university of Toronto by the name of Wayne Hindmarsh said “research cannot answer many questions about weed.” A Vancouver’s physician name Dr. Pamela squire agrees on some things with Wayne Hindmarsh but also mentions that there are plenty of benefits.
There were some insight given by Dr. Squire and Wayne Hindmarsh about the effects of cannabis.

Cannabis benefits“Cannabis helps in nerve injury,” Dr Squire says. Without marijuana, there isn’t much that would relieve any pain caused by aids and HIV attacking the nervous system. There is a spray administered by mouth made from the and cbc. These two components helps with pain in multiple sclerosis patients. Dr. Squire even mentioned about cannabis helping with illnesses such as fibromayalga and arthritis.

Medical patients who lose their appetite because of an illness are given pot to smoke to help eat and gain weight. Patients can also lose appetite from side effects of medication.

Nausea & Vomiting- cancer patients normally feel nauseated due to the drugs and chemotherapy they are taking. Anything with cannabis can help with nausea. In some cases cannabis is to be ingested instead of being smoked.

People has quit smoking marijuana and it is easy to kick the habit. There are withdrawal symptoms from quitting pot but it is only minimal compared to other drugs such as crack etc. The biggest symptom from quitting cannabis is being able to sleep at night.


Harmful effects of cannabis:


The short term effects of weed effect how you talk and how you react. You would be more impaired if you mix marijuana & alcohol together.

It has been discovered by doctors that weed use is different from alcohol. Cannabis stays in your body longer than alcohol. Alcohol may be in your body for only a short time as opposed to marijuana being in your body for a month. Those who smoke everyday marijuana is stored in their fat components.

Ties to mental illnesses- In the younger generation in the ages of 11 to 17, schizophrenia may be triggered by cannabis for those who were pre exposed to the illness.

strong>The Unknowns:

There has been a discussion about how cannabis can relieve anxiety and stress. Many people would agree that marijuana can relax a person. Researchers have studied the link between cannabis and PTSD. Study shows that cannabis can suppress flashbacks caused by ptsd.

According to Hindmarsh, the drug differs from person to person as far as how each person reacts.
There are no evidence showing that smoking pot leads to obstructive pulmonary disease, caused by smoking cigarettes. There has been a discussion about the side effects of pot.

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