Top 3 Cannabis vacations

Cannabis tourist destinations are the most demanded by a lot of people in the world. Therefore, if you have some days of vacations, and you plan to travel, think about what your favorite cannabis tourist destination is and if you would you like to travel to some parts of the world where you can express your love for this plant without being pressured by the authorities of the country where you are!

Well, you should know, then, some tourist sites where you will not have any problem regarding the use of Cannabis. Also, you should note that even in places where the use of marijuana is not completely legal, there are opportunities to use this plant. Therefore, this article will show the best tourist destinations of legal marijuana. We hope that the information you will see up ahead is helpful.



The fact that in the list of the best tourist destinations of legal marijuana, where you can consume Cannabis without any problem, is Amsterdam. Should not come as a surprise. In fact, although in recent years attempts have been made to make cannabis an “outlaw” in this destination. Yet it continues to provide tourists with diverse experiences that cannot be had elsewhere. Moreover, it is in this city where “Sensi Seeds” has its headquarters. Now, why else is it good to travel to Amsterdam to consume Cannabis? Although the general use of Cannabis is not legal in the Netherlands, the fact is that the policy of tolerance regarding the use of Cannabis has been maintained for years. In addition, in this tourist destination there are some famous businesses like coffeeshops, which present tourists with a wide variety of goods and environments related to Cannabis. In case you want to use Cannabis for the first time, it is easy to do it in Amsterdam, as the locals have perfected with the passage of time, the art of ignoring their evident state of enlightenment through various means, such as for example, through delicious food and for all tastes. In addition, you can always enjoy the Dutch beer, coupled with the fact that you can stroll through the parks available in this city, provided you can enjoy your stay in this place while you are under the effects of Cannabis. It should be noted that you can only buy and consume Cannabis if you are 18 or older, a factor to consider when you decide to travel to Amsterdam.


Barcelona, Spain.

In Spain it has been legal to smoke and use Marijuana since many years, thanks to consumer associations. However, this substance is absent in the most popular parts of the cities of this country. But, it should be noted that, in Barcelona, ​​it is the opposite. Moreover, in this city there are several ways you can enjoy yourself when it comes out to consuming Cannabis.

Those who are used to traveling around Europe know that Barcelona is a “must”, with respect to what cannabis destinations are concerned. Due to the cosmopolitan type of character of the city, you can enjoy the best of everything, from cultural activities to entertainment. In fact, it depends on you to realize that the cannabis culture is so so big and open-minded in Barcelona: Cannabis plants that grow on balconies, the abundance of crop shops, urban art that alludes to the theme of Cannabis, among other stuff.

In case you want to join a Cannabis Association, you must comply with the following regulations: 15 days in which you will not be given anything of Cannabis, apart from fulfilling other requirements. However, this has the purpose of enjoying “cannabis tourism” within this association in full-mode, through the advantages and products offered to tourists.

In Barcelona you can buy and consume Cannabis if you are 18 years of age or older. But, as mentioned in the previous paragraph, certain regulations must be met for all citizens. The Cannabis that is obtained through a Cannabis Association can be consumed in any private environment.



 In the case of Uruguay, this country is finishing defining the laws and rules regarding its new cannabis industry. Until now, there is no definite plan related to the use of cannabis by non-resident foreigners or “tourists”, which allows them to buy cannabis during their temporary visit. What is known is that the Cannabis produced is sold through a system implemented by the Uruguayan government, which supplies this substance to residents and Uruguayans. However, for the foregoing it does not mean that Uruguay should be discarded as a cannabis tourist destination. For what reason? Check out the next paragraph.

It is estimated that in the next 2 years the Uruguayan government will organize its new “Cannabis system”, while others will observe how the Country does. But, meanwhile, as a tourist, you will not be able to “use” Cannabis, unless someone kindly offers you a joint. Therefore, you should make real friends in Uruguay. By visiting that country, you can move around the city and meet all kinds of people.

*All the above makes Uruguay one of the most recommended cannabis tourist destinations until now.

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