Warren: Canada Has A Vaping Crisis and We Need Action

Last week, Nova Scotia became the first in Canada to adopt a ban on flavored vaping products, effective April 1, 2020. They will still low the sale of vaping products that are either tobacco flavored or without flavor. The week before, Ontario municipalities Brampton and Mississauga announced a ban on vaping in outdoor public spaces. Other cities and provinces are considering their bans and new rules.

This hodgepodge of rules and limits across Canada will lead to massive confusion, a lack of enforcement, and most importantly, a lack of protection for millions of our kids.

Why haven’t our politicians lit a fire under the staff at Health Canada to act urgently to bring in new rules as well as find out why these products were allowed in the first place.  A ban on vaping would be politically popular especially with parents struggling to keep their kids from becoming addicted to nicotine.

In November, a Research Co. poll found three in four Canadians support enacting a temporary prohibition on the sale and distribution of e-cigarettes. In the online survey of a representative national sample, three-in-four Canadians (74%) would agree with their province implementing a vaping ban, such as the one that was recently enacted in Massachusetts.

Support for a temporary ban on all vaping products is high cross on regions of the country, from 71% in Alberta to 77% in Atlantic Canada. Just over one-in-ten Canadians (11%) say they used an electronic cigarette in the past year. The proportion is higher among those aged 18-34 (17%) and British Columbians (16%).

More than For-in-five Canadians (85%, -6% since a Research Co. survey conducted in 2018) want vaping products that contain nicotine to display a warning, similar to the one used for tobacco products.
On October. 11, Health Canada issued a news release stating the following: “ The Government of Canada also remains deeply concerned by the increase in vaping reported among Canadian youth.” On Oct. 31, they wrote to the retailers suggesting they change the way they sell vaping products.

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